Rainy days call for new characters

When the gods gift you a dank, grey day… create some new characters!

Hello. It’s been a couple of weeks since my last confession… I mean blog post! The lethargy I was feeling towards creative writing during October leaked over into November and it’s really only been the past few days that I have felt a change inside me and a return of the desire to do put words onto pages.

The past couple of days have been wet and windy with altogether the kind of miserable skies that make you think of November, no matter what time of year they arrive. The other thing they make you think is “Ooh, wouldn’t a suet pudding be good today”. I’m having a suet pudding with my lunch!!

My writing has been sporadic, but I’ve decided that it would be fun to track it using a sheet for each month. I’m using up a pad of weekly health and fitness trackers which has been in my stash for several years and I’ll paste this into my Writing Notebook at the end of the month.

I began the week doing some practice pieces from the November prompts from A Writer’s Book of Days, but as I noted in my summary of Friday’s endeavours, I got a little bored with it. No, bored isn’t the right word. In fact, I simply found myself unhappy with the little cameos I wrote; they were too contrived, too “clever”, too cheesy. If I’m going to be putting words onto pages, then I’d rather be putting down words in a longer story, and I find that an interesting development because it’s something I’ve rather shied away from previously.

Therefore, I’ve put in some time over the past few days thinking about the premise of the “second novel” that I want to write, coming up with some ideas for my main character and pottering about with the plotting ideas I’ve gleaned in my research on writing. When I tried to import the information I’d already put together about my lead character into the format I’d found in my reading, I realised that I prefer the layout of the original Character Sketch sheets in Scrivener. The newer style I tried made me feel that there is such a thing as too much preparation; that I’d rather get to know my characters as I write about what they do. That might mean that I’m ready to leap in and start actually drafting this new story. Oh, that’s a scary thought!!

I find it quite amusing that I’ve got the most important bit of research for my two main characters done – worked out what planners/notebooks they are going to use!! You clearly can’t take the stationery addict out of the girl! This story, though, is less concerned with stationery than my previous one; this is going to have a knitting theme after a fashion, as indicated by the working title of “Perfect Purl”. It’s a furrow that has been ploughed many times already, and I’m definitely not going to write a tale about a heroine who opens a yarn store or who combines knitting with solving murders. Nor do I want this story to be quite so overtly a “romance” as my previous story was, but my first two characters are a woman and a man so I’m not ruling it out.

Of course, my main attention this past two weeks has been on watching the YouTube videos of writers taking part in NaNoWriMo. I made a note one day that it’s a pleasure akin to watching the ice-skating – you watch for those gratifying moments when a self-claimed professional slides across the ice on their bum. One particular person I like to watch is giving me lots of that kind of entertainment this time round and I’m taking a warped pleasure in it, although I still admire anyone who takes part because it’s not something I’d be able to do in a thousand million years. Much like the ice-skating.

I think making that suet pudding is working because the sun has come out. You just can’t rely on the weather, can you?

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