Playing with words

I don’t know about you, but I like to choose a “word of the year”, a guiding priciple to bear in mind through the coming months. At the beginning of this year I chose Vitality as my word of the year; looking back I perhaps would have chosen something different. I have next year’s word stored in the back of my mind and I will write more about that as this year draws to a close.

Today, though, I have the yen to play with words and, thinking back on the year so far, I decided to allocate a single word which would sum up the over-arching memory that each month has left with me. Sounds promising, but perhaps a little bit too…. easy? So, not just any old word, but a word which starts with the same letter as the month! Yes, that will make it more of a stretch. Feel free to play along if you’d like; all you need is a dictionary or thesaurus and your diary just to refresh your memory about what you were doing each month. No explanations or qualifications required, just a word to sum up the month.

And we’re off!

Judgemental January
Fickle Feburary
Malcontent March
Acclimatising April
Marvellous May
Joyful June
Jovian July
Adapting August
Stellar September
Obstructive October

They’re my choices, as close as I can get within the rules I’ve set myself. Did you play? How did you do? Overall it’s been a troublesome year for all of us and so I doubt anyone will come up with too many uplifting words, but despite global and personal tribulations, there have been very good months sprinkled through the year and I think my chosen words catch the right distribution of good times vs. bad times.

By the way “Jovian July” denotes the fact that through it all, the planet Jupiter shone outside my window with a guiding light.

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