Week 16 Out and about

On Monday this week I packed up my Filofax, my Writing Notebook, my pens and mask and headed to Norwich Castle Museum, dreaming that I would get to sit and do some inspired writing outside my flat. Dreams are wonderful things, aren’t they? Ah, how I wish reality could match them.

Mid-pandemic, and with the Castle Keep undergoing a major renovation aimed at returning the interior to something closely resembling its original Norman layout, the museum and art gallery exhibits were severely restricted. Sitting and writing was impossible because there is currently no seating at all, I suspect thanks to Covid-19. However, as far as I’m concerned not being able to linger and contemplate vastly reduces the pleasure of visiting any space and, although I was able to catch up with some of my favourite items on display, I left feeling slightly sad. I will return and hopefully enjoy the experience more if the world should ever get back onto a more normal footing.

I did take the opportunity to sit for a short while in the outside park area and jot a few thoughts, and I made notes as I went around; brief notes because I didn’t want to keep putting my reading glasses on which meant I could only vaguely see the page I was writing on!

The rest of my writing week has been spent learning more about Scrivener, my writing software of choice, and about the 3-Act Story Structure which is a popular format for novel-writing. I intend to continue with these studies through the coming week, and to dip my nose into the Scrivener User Guide to see if I can winkle out some tips and tricks. Back in the earlier days of my computer fandom, I used to buy enormous books about Mac-OS and some software suites and pore over them gleaning ideas, the major downside being that they would only be available some time after I’d already got to grips with whatever I was using and they went out of date quite quickly. I never became an expert by reading guides, but I did occasionally upgrade from complete amateur to competent user. Of course, now the guides are more readily accessible in .pdf format which means they are easy to keep up to date. I never even think to browse the computer books section at Waterstones, although I have hugely fond memories of hours spent with computer-mates at our local branch of Borders (sadly closed a number of years ago) seeing what was new in technology. All of which is to say that I’m considering printing out the Scrivener User Guide and also looking into whether there are any published books on the software that I could order through my bookstore.

The nature of this week means my writing notebook hasn’t been used a whole lot, but I did come up with a couple of writing prompts of my own, based on photos I took of the morning skies. Feel free to use them if you’d like – I’ve added a link into the top bar of the blog “Pam’s Writing Prompts” and from that page you can just click on the photos to take you to the prompts. I hope I’ll be inspired to add to these every so often. In fact, I think a couple of the photos in my montage here would prove interesting prompts.

I’ll report in again next week and in the meantime, I hope you all have a good week, whether it be with creativity, or the equally important tasks of simply living.

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