Week 15 Can I have my novel back?

After the sterling work finishing the first draft of my novel during the course of Monday, the rest of this week has seemed a little lacklustre. I didn’t write at all on Tuesday, although to be fair I had a lovely sociable day and wouldn’t have written anyway, and then Wednesday floated past and I didn’t open Scrivener at all. Come Thursday I was ready to reconnect and so I went to work on a partially-drafted short story.

As you can probably read in my photo, I felt unenthusiastic on Thursday, but in the end I really enjoyed my writing session; I have a tendency towards inertia and sometimes I just have to push myself to start. I now have the short story drafted completely so I can work out what I want to keep and where I want to tighten up or expand on ideas. I might need to change the setting completely, though. Having spent a lot of time writing about cakes in my novel, I now have a short story set in a coffee shop with associated cake-eating and it seems a bit wrong. I do find it’s a struggle to think of another setting where two strangers would sit and discuss their lives. (As usual, the moment I wrote that sentence down, I had two ideas that I can explore, so thank-you blog!)

I am missing the novel-writing and I think that is partially due to the whole concept of the word counts to which I have become addicted to over the past few months. This method of tracking progress really only works when I am writing an initial draft; I am going to have to find another metric to keep myself motivated through different types of writing. My first thought is to aim for a simple ‘x amount of time’ spent on my creative writing each day. Perhaps tonight I will set a timer and see how long a session feels right to me.

Now, of course, would be the ideal time to pick up my reading and perhaps explore some more technical aspects of creative writing, all the while keeping in mind my desire to get something to the point where I can submit it for publication. Exciting days, eh?

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