Week 12 Start slow, finish strong

Lenny is a character in my novel. I have not enjoyed writing about him.

As you will have deduced from the post title, this week took a little while to get off the ground. My head wasn’t in a writing place last Sunday and I didn’t actually add anything to the novel at all, so I woke up on Monday determined to do two writing sessions which would get me back on track. Hmm. I did one session, and only managed 354 words in that. Fortunately each day has seen me gain momentum and I’ve finished Saturday with a weekly total of 5,739 words added to the novel. The first draft is currently standing at 99,584 words which means I’ll be starting the new week by hitting the 100,000 words mark.

When I finished my session on Friday, the last sentence I wrote could very easily have been the final sentence of the novel. It could have ended there, but it would have left the main story unresolved. My heroine is heading into her new life, but there’s things that need to be wrapped up in the old life; there’s things that she isn’t ready to leave behind. It feels good to still have some story to tell. I suppose one could be tempted to finish the novel here and write a sequel about her reconciling the past and the future, but really that is what this novel is about in its entirety and I feel the whole story belongs together.

One of the problems I had as the week started was that I wasn’t enjoying writing about Lenny and I wrote the note in my writing journal to remind me that I mustn’t be tempted to try and ditch him when I come to editing the novel. In fact, I really need to do more with him than I have in this first draft, but there will be time enough in the second draft to rectify that. I will need to make him less the one-dimensional villain of the piece to mirror the fact that the main characters are not one-dimensional heroes.

I have a spiffing idea for something I want to include in the coming chapter or two so I hope I’ll be heading forwards with more enthusiasm than I had this time last week.

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