Week 7 Back on the bike


Hello and welcome to my creative writing blog. As always, I’ll start with this week’s statistics and then a little chat.

The weekly statistics*

Work on the first draft of my novel:

Total words for the week:  6,194
Total words in draft to date:  71,335
Number of days worked on novel this week: 7
Minimum words per day this week:  560
Maximum words per day this week:  1,223

Other writing completed:

Blog posts for Pam Alison Knits:  3

Related activities:


The chat

Well, that’s more like it. This past week it’s been a joy to work on my novel and I managed to get to the 70,000 words mark in the first draft. I’ve got my main character over to New York and that means I’ve now got my favourite character front and centre which is very exciting. Although he has made an appearance from a distance in the earlier chapters, this is the first chance to really round out his personality and I’m having great fun writing his dialogue, not to mention describing his house.

I received a really good bit of advice in the comments on last week’s post, from Submeg, who passed on the tip to just add a word even on the days when you feel you can’t write anything. That’s a fantastic idea because the hard bit when you’re feeling tired, or think you don’t have time, is to make the effort to just open up your work which is, of course, such a tiny step. It takes no time, it takes little energy, and once it’s open adding a word, or a sentence isn’t any kind of committment at all. I thought of that last night, because I’d had quite a busy day and was pretty sure I wouldn’t write anything, but I took that little step and opened up Scrivener then I found I had plenty of time and energy to do a normal writing session.

I have also found this week that I’ve picked up my writing notebook and jotted down odd things that I want to remember or revisit, as well as simply recording my statistics and a couple of sentences about how my writing has gone that day. My writing style doesn’t involve a lot of plotting – although maybe it should – so I don’t have pages of story arc ideas or character analysis like a lot of writers do. Maybe that’s something that will develop over time; I’m open to possibilities. However, for now I am happy just jotting down occasional musings and enjoying the Rhodiarama notebook paper.

I’m increasing my aim for this week so I will try to double my basic word count. I know that it’s entirely possible to add 5,000 words in the week and that is going to be my aim. My usual 2,500 words allows me to slack a bit if circumstances require, but there’s nothing on my plate this week that should keep me from writing every day and aiming for the 5k mark will provide a decent bit of impetus.

I hope your endeavours are going well. Meet you back here next Sunday?

*Explanatory Notes

  • For the purpose of the statistics, my weeks run from Sunday morning to Saturday night, and that’s why these blog posts will appear each Sunday.
  • I use Scrivener by Literature and Latte for my creative writing and take my statistics from there.
  • The working title of my novel is The Pen Emporium, it’s a fictional romance set in a small English town in contemporary times but referencing a trip to New York in the early 1970s.

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