Week 6 Oh, dear

Stony ground, as far as the eye can see.

Hello and welcome to my creative writing blog. As always, I’ll start with this week’s statistics and then a little chat.

The weekly statistics*

Work on the first draft of my novel:

Total words for the week:  2,228
Total words in draft to date:  65,146
Number of days worked on novel this week:  2
Minimum words per day this week:  0
Maximum words per day this week:  1,124

Other writing completed:

Blog posts for Pam Alison Knits: 2

Related activities:

A big, fat zero

The chat

Like I say, oh dear. This has been a dreadful week for writing and it is pointless for me to proffer any excuses, my lack of dedication to the craft has been lamentable and I am disappointed with myself.

It has been a sobering lesson to learn that if I ease up on my regular writing routine I fall very easily into doing nothing at all.  If I skip more than just one evening, it is immediately very hard to step back into the novel. It is almost as if I think that I will suddenly have forgotten what is going on, how my characters behave; that I will no longer have anything to write. This couldn’t be further from the truth because when I logged back in to Scrivener last night I found the next part of the novel was there in my head ready to write. Oh, the writing didn’t flow as easily as it does when I’m doing it regularly, but then sometimes it’s like swimming in treacle even when I’ve been writing every day.

Anyway, I have learned a valuable lesson and one which gives me pause for thought when applied retrospectively to other times of my life where I’ve ignored my writing for extended periods. The lesson is that I must do everything I can to keep up a regular routine and make sure any lapses are kept as short as possible.

One positive I am taking away from this week is that I only missed my 2,500 words per week goal by 272 words which isn’t bad considering I only did two writing sessions. Also, we are now at the beginning of a whole new writing week in which I have no reason to skip any sessions. I am at an exciting part of the novel which should provide plenty of action for my central character plus an expansion of the secondary storyline which has been relatively coincidental thus far. It’s a chance to write in depth about the character my heart belongs to which is a lovely incentive to keep me on the straight and narrow.

I look forward to reporting to you next Sunday with some proper progress.

*Explanatory Notes

  • For the purpose of the statistics, my weeks run from Sunday morning to Saturday night, and that’s why these blog posts will appear each Sunday.
  • I use Scrivener by Literature and Latte for my creative writing and take my statistics from there.
  • The working title of my novel is The Pen Emporium, it’s a fictional romance set in a small English town in contemporary times but referencing a trip to New York in the early 1970s.

2 thoughts on “Week 6 Oh, dear

  1. I read somewhere (most likely on reddit), that the best way to write everyday is to have the goal of writing just one word. Because it would be silly to write just a singular word, you often end up writing a sentence, and because it’s silly to write just a single sentence, you end up writing a paragraph, and before you know it, there’s a page.

    I have liked this idea and have tried to put it to use. Let’s see how quickly I can go from 30k to 50…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, thanks for taking the time to get in touch. That’s a really good bit of advice. In general I find my 500 words a day minimum is a solid, achievable goal, but it’s too easy when I hit a bump in the road to simply not pick up my writing. Even on the most de-motivated day, though, I have enough time and energy to add one word so this would be a really good tool just to keep the flow going until the good times return. Wishing you well with your 50k!


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