Back on the horse

As I began to hypothesise when I wrote last week's post, I really enjoy working on a novel. After half-heartedly bumbling along with a few "practice pieces" earlier in the month, last Sunday I set down the first paragraph of the "new novel" - Perfect Purl - and I have written on it every evening … Continue reading Back on the horse

Rainy days call for new characters

When the gods gift you a dank, grey day... create some new characters! Hello. It's been a couple of weeks since my last confession... I mean blog post! The lethargy I was feeling towards creative writing during October leaked over into November and it's really only been the past few days that I have felt … Continue reading Rainy days call for new characters


So there we are. The story is done, the final full stop is in place. The pages are printed, filed and set aside to mature for a while so I can visit the novel with fresh eyes when it's time to do the first edit/second draft. I'll miss these characters. I've spent so much time … Continue reading Finis